Hello world!

As an educator, I pride myself on being tech-savvy in addition to being…the most important quality as an educator…good with kids. Unfortunately, I’m late to the blogging game. While I’ve found myself able and excited to keep up with the many edtech trends that are out there, I’ve had to make an intentional effort to begin blogging.

I’m four years, two different school districts in to my career, and aside from some other social media platforms (Twitter and Instagram, specifically), I’ve documented virtually none of the incredible experience that is being an educator. When I student taught, my teacher education program required that I do a once-weekly, mandatory journal entry and encouraged me to keep it up during my first year. Aside from about two different instances where I was at a new-teacher breaking point, (I just learned this year that this is known as the “Disillusionment Phase”) I hardly kept that journaling up. (Pfft, and I claim to be a writer!) Most of the intentional reflection that I participate in is when I’m by myself, driving home from school at the end of the day.

Not only do I believe that blogging is an important venue for educator reflection, but it’s also a great way to model best practice in social media use to students. My hope is to not only use this blog as a venue for sharing experiences, ideas, and information, but I also want to give my students an opportunity to write with purpose and create their own blogs.

Along the way, I’d appreciate any insight and feedback you have. Cheers and here’s to happy blogging in 2015!

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